nail tech·ni·cian

a person employed to give manicures, pedicures, and other cosmetic treatments for the nails.

Full-Time  4 Months  /  Part-Time   5.5 Months   600 Hours

The professional course in manicuring requires the satisfactory completion of 600 hours training. This will entitle you to take the Tennessee State Board of Manicuring Examination for the Tennessee Manicuring License. The instructional methods used to teach are from the Milady’s textbook and practical hands on training. This program provides opportunities for each student to develop a professional personality for working in the dynamic field of manicuring.

The suggested curriculum for the Nail Technician Course is as follows:

General: 150 Hours

Sterilization, Sanitation and Bacteriology

Anatomy and Physiology

State Law, Salon Management, Ethics

Chemical: 150 Hours

Product Knowledge

Manicuring and Pedicuring

EPA and OSHA Requirements

Physical: 300 Hours

Massage, Manicuring and Pedicuring

Nail Care, Nail Artistry, Nail Wraps

Sculptured Nails, Nail Tips, Gel Nails, Nail Safety

U.V. Gel Laminate, and Nail Artistry

 Total Hours: 600 Hours

 Required Total: 600 Hours

Curriculum Total:   600 Hours

*Orientation is included under General section of the curriculum.